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Smart Moves Erasmus+ project rose out of the need to sit up at schools - literally. Health surveys often show that in Europe we, children and adults, tend to sit down too much, often at a screen, and move too little. Overweight is also common even among young children. Health care is a huge expense in aging Europe, so we are dealing with a very important issue also at the European level. At schools we face these health problems, and psychological issues are also common, such as social and emotional problems , attention deficit and low self-esteem. We are also aware that children with special needs or low socioeconomic status are especially apt to health risks and early school leaving.

Besides, research proves that maintaining high level of physical activity throughout the childhood has positive effects not only on physical health but also on learning skills and emotional wellbeing. Movement is natural to children, yet school system is based on sitting at a desk. Many teachers are aware of the need for change and look for new, active ways to work with children. However, schools carry heavy traditions, and changes take skills, effort and courage.

In Smart Moves five primary schools work together towards the common goal. In this way we hope to get a rather comprehensive view of education systems in Europe, and enjoy interesting and fruitful cooperation as the schools bring different skills and expertise into the project.

All the project schools have good ICT skills and motivated staff. The object of the project to implement more active and participatory learning methods and practices, to increase physical activity at school and to promote holistic health education. Movement is the central theme of the project. During the two years we will focus on different sections: sportive events and campaigns at school, active learning, active breaks and creative use of school premises, movement and relaxation. We work on the themes at our respective schools and together online and at the project meetings. The project also covers other aspects of health education: healthy diet, social and emotional skills and relaxation.

We expect to promote, not only international cooperation but also cohesion within schools and with the local community. The project will also give schools tools for global education and readiness for further cooperation. It also seeks to improve and update teachers' professional skills.

In a large scale, the project attempts to take one step towards coherent European education.

 "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun you find the fun and snap, the job's a game!"

-Mary Poppins-