active learning and  cooperative work


The term active learning was introduced by the English scholar R W Revans (1907-2003). It is known as a method of learning in which students are actively or experientially involved in the learning process and where there are different levels of active learning, depending on student involvement. It is also a model of instruction that focuses the responsibility of learning on learners. They must read, write, discuss, or be engaged in solving problems and situations.

Active learning engages students in two aspects – doing things and thinking about the things they are doing (Bonwell and Eison, 1991).

Smart Moves! pretends to assure active learning is happening! One of our main goals is to enable students engage with materials, participate actively in the class, and be collaborative with each other. We are taking a step forward, not just expecting students simply to listen and memorize; but instead, having them help demonstrate a process, analyze an argument, or apply a concept to a real-world situation.

This is how we do it!

Active learning