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Children are taught to play games at an early age. Games teach children patience, social interaction, negotiation, strategy, how to win and lose gracefully, mental stimulation, mental and physical confidence that keep us healthy.  Games attract us because they are fun!  Children learn about goals and the steps necessary to win a game.  Whether it is concentration, paying attention to details such as rules, your opponent, or learning new skills.   No matter how old you are, playing games are important.  It is mentally and physicallystimulating, keeps you engaged and keeps you psychologically and physically fit.

Throughout video as a media, children have been collecting games to be interpreted by pupils from other schools.

The aim is to interpretate games throughout video means, with low use of words and just guessing game rules by watching the other children play. Once they know the rules, it is time to play!

See all the games we have played and shared:

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