All of our mascots were reunited in Derry, Northern Ireland, during our first project meeting in October 2015.

They looked very happy and colorful together!


Here is a brief description of all of them. You can follow their adventures on our blog!




Name: Lars
Gender: Boy

Lars is going with us on tour!
He is looking forward to see you...

Follow me everywhere I go!

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Name: Cheeky Monkey

Gender: Boy

Why Cheeky Monkey?

This cute monkey accompanies children when they learn English. Children at la Bòbila meet Cheeky Monkey when they are 3 and keep learning with him until they leave school!

He got dressed for the occasion, though!

Do you want to follow him?

He is here!

Password: Erasmus1517




Name: Sissu

Gender: Girl


My name is Sissu. I'm two years old and I have a brother. As you can see, my favourite color is blue! 

Follow me on my adventures, here!

Password: Erasmus1517




Name: Molly

Gender: Girl


I live at Holly Family School in Derry. As you can see, I wear the school uniform. I have the letters D.T.R.T. on my  jumper which mean 'Do The Right Thing'.

I'm looking forward to visiting each country and informing the children of my travels. See you!

Go to the blog to see more about me :)