The project seeks to make schools more activating and participatory places for pupils. We attempt to find ways to support each child's self-esteem and faith in the future. In our view schools can make a difference and enhance healthy lifestyle choices by working together with pupils. We believe that by giving children a good start in their school life we can best tackle early school leaving.

The long period of economic stagnation in Europe has caused high rates of youth unemployment easily leading to risk of marginalization and loss of prospects. Providing guidance to young people during the whole schooling process is essential.

Digital integration is increasingly important in education and working life, and the involved schools are at different stages of it. The project provides all participants, students and teachers, an excellent opportunity to develop their digital skills as the project outputs are mainly shared and worked on using ICT.

Due to technological advances and modern understanding of the learning process, the role of a teacher is changing. Our professional development requires us to improve our communication, motivation and tutoring skills. We need to forsake the old role as an all-knowing authority and guide pupils to take an active role in the learning process. In the project we attempt to find and develop methods and practices that motivate us to give our best input at work and, in general, make schools more attractive and modern working places.

Europe is proud of its long history and high standard of education. We think that European schools need to work together dynamically to keep it up and develop further.